Welcome to the home of "Mighty Me Adventures with Alf and his Tigersome Tea;" 
the recently published children's book, written by Claire Mitchell and illustrated by 
Leah-Ann Walmsley-Pledl. 
'Mighty Me Adventures' is a story about a resourceful little mouse called Alf. 
Follow him on his journey as he meets a tiger and is given a helping hand by a spirit zebra.

A story full of adventure, bravery, friendship and imagination. It reminds readers how important it is to try new things and have an open mind.
“Mighty-me, we are off on an Alf adventure for some tigersome tea! 
But where are we going? And who will we meet? That's part of the hill you have to climb over! So hurry off now, my little explorer! 
I hope you tie those little laces terrifically tight. But please do remember to zip that jacket with all your might! 
You see, it doesn't matter if you are wee or already a mighty-me explorer... 
Just believe in magic and start the sparkly adventure!” 

'Mighty Me Adventures' is published by Olympia Publisher's London, and is available to order from a number of online retailers, including Amazon and Waterstones.

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